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About us

The company was started in 1971; one of the company's activities is the supply of specialised psychological equipment. Aleph One was the first company outside the USA to sell biofeedback instruments, and continues to supply hospitals, clinics and private users with simple instruments which reveal the state of some aspect of the body, by means of a Feedback signal, so that the user can learn to alter that aspect.



We are hapy to welcome visitors, although our premises are not a shop. If you want to come please make an appointment and let us know what you want to talk about or look at. 



Core Staff

  • Managing Director: Mr Laurie van Someren


Our name

Aleph is the name of the first letter of the Hebrew alphabet.

A German mathematician active in the mid-19th century, Georg Cantor (1845-1918), realised that infinities came in different sizes; more precisely he showed that the infinite set of all integers was smaller than the infinite set of all real numbers, and gave the labels Aleph Null to the smaller, and Aleph One to the larger set.

J W Dauben, writing in Scientiic American, June 1983, 112-121, said 'The choice (of Aleph as a label for transfinite sets) was particularly clever, as Cantor was pleased to admit, because the Hebrew Aleph was also a symbol for the number 1. Since the transfinite cardinals were themselves infinite unities, the Aleph could be taken to represent a new beginning for mathematics.'

The concept of Alephs is the subject of a successful book by Amir D Aczel called The Mystery of the Aleph. Paperback about £10 in the UK, ISBN 0-7434-2299-6 (We do not sell it)


We are not registered for VAT and so our prices do not include it.


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T: +44 (0)1223 811679 E: info@aleph1.co.uk