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Stress Management

You can do a lot to manage the stress in your life. You often feel you are just the victim; you would like to relax or something but you just can‘t. We offer a number of cassettes, books and gadgets that you can use to help control the way you react to stressful situations. Some of these are very general, and some are suitable for more particular situations and symptoms. They have in common that they help you to help yourself. Several of them help you to relax. Given a chance your body will tend to relax; you do this each night when you fall asleep. We can make it easier for you to get relaxed.

Getting relaxed is a matter of letting your body take over, and stopping the constant thinking that interferes with letting go, for so many of us. Our audio CD RELAX AND ENJOY IT gives you detailed and specific instructions on how to relax the muscles in each part of the body in turn. If you follow the instructions you end up relaxed. Our RELAXOMETER instrument os a teaching aid; it tells you when you relax, so you know you are doing it right. Then you can go on practising until you perfect the skill. If you are relaxed you cannot be anxious, your blood pressure will tend to fall, and you will feel more comfortable.  You cannot be both relaxed and anxious or upset.

These aids do not solve everyone‘s problems, but they all have a strong scientific basis (which we can tell you about if you ask). Read our page about common symptoms and which aids may be useful. Please look at the things described on other pages too. Some of these things are Bio-feedback Instruments, which tell you about what is happening in some part of your body. They don‘t change you, but they give you information which you can use to change yourself.,so they empower you to take charge. But you do have to want to do so! Different instruments work on different aspects of the body. They all come with Instructions, but because some of them have many uses the instructions may only touch on your particular problem. Let us know if you need more help in choosing one.  Use the contact details below.

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