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Stress Management

You can do a lot to manage the stress in your life. You often feel you are just the victim; you would like to relax or something but you just can‘t. We offer a number of cassettes, books and gadgets that you can use to help control the way you react to stressful situations. Some of these are very general, and some are suitable for more particular situations and symptoms. They have in common that they help you to help yourself. Several of them help you to relax. Given a chance your body will tend to relax; you do this each night when you fall asleep. We can make it easier for you to get relaxed.

What is biofeedback? - Who uses it?

Biofeedback is used in many hospitals around the UK, often in Psychology Departments. Many independent practitioners also use biofeedback equipment and techniques with their patients.

Relaxometer Instructions

USING THE RELAXOMETER CONTENTS To Get Started 1 Introduction 2 Operating Instructions 3 An Aid For Relaxing 5 How It Works 7 Anxiety Management 9 Different Models - Meter and Output 10 Changing the Batteries 11 Sensors 11 Maintenance 12 Guarantee 12

Electronic 'Guide to ARMLinux for Developers' - the book online

Read the book online - (this version is not completely up to date.)

This book is for developers and includes extensive documentation on embedded linux fundamentals, the toolchain, cross compilers, moving from other CPUs to ARM, and explicitly covers setting up the LART (SA1100) and Intel Assabet (SA1110) development systems, and the Psion5 PDA (ARM7 core), as well as useful basic GNU/Linux info for those new to GNU/Linux.

Updated software patents talk

An updated, 30 minute, version of the shorter Cambridge talk, describing the problems with software patents and the current state of EU legislation covering this issue. This presentation was given to Lancaster University Phd Computer Science students, on the Isle of Man, on 2nd July 2004.

(Anti) Software patents talk - 2003

Presentation at Software Patent Discussion Meeting, Cambridge July 6th 2003 - Wookey presented the case against software patents. Aleph One believes that legislation making them legal in Europe will severely damage innovative small software businesses, especially those using Free Software.

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